Celeste Lizanich has a college degree in Television Production Technology, Interactive Media, and Graphic Design.  She has been doing freelance work for over ten years. She is a mother of three living in Oregon.

She specializes in Portrait Photography, Videography, Graphic Design and Digital Photoshop art pieces.

She offers her services in the local areas of Salem Oregon. Any shoots requiring a short amount of travel will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

Business hours are not set as she balances her freelance work with her home life and her other jobs. Please contact to schedule an appointment. She is available for any type of shoot including large events such as weddings.

She is a photographer because she enjoys making people happy with her work. Nothing is more satisfying to her than the happiness of a client. She feels lucky to be doing work that she enjoys doing as an artist.

Most shoots will last at least two hours and all the photos will then be edited to get the best possible images for the clients. Editing includes two options of basic edits which include lighting, basic touch-ups, zooming and cropping and advanced edits which include more in depth editing such as effects and artwork. All artwork may include the use of brushes, texts and images that are under CCO License use or were released for use by the artists or models. To see more on options and pricing click here.

Please contact the photographer for more information by emailing her at: sisphotographyshop@gmail.com

To learn more about the site model and her availability please contact the site manager.